Debagoiena offers thousands of options to enjoy nature; The interior of Gipuzkoa is full of mountain peaks. In addition, the Aizkorri-Aratz Park is located in the municipalities of Oñati, Aretxabaleta, Eskoriatza and Leintz-Gatzaga.

We can walk without risk of getting lost through the network of marked trails PR, GR and SL; But if in addition to enjoying nature we want to know a part of the history of Debagoiena we can do it on foot, by bicycle or on skates where, in its day, the Vasco-Navarro railway line passed; we can follow the steps of San Ignacio de Loyola or, if we want to travel back to a more remote time, we can visit the Arrikrutz caves.

Eight municipalities … endless options!


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