Speleologist for a day. Do you want to explore the beauty of the earth? And become a speleologist for a day? Where has the complete skeleton of a cave bear been found? Pay a guided visit to Arrikrutz-Oñati and visit the “Speleologist for a day”.

Situated in Oñati, in the hamlets of Arantzazu and Araotz, are the salt flats of Aizkorri massif in the karst complex of Arrikrutz,  400 metres above sea level.

It is a limestone cave created in the early cretaceous period (154-96 million years ago). With 14 kilometres of interconnect galleries and 6  superimposed floors,

you visit Gallery 53, located in the eastern sector, a fossil gallery and former outlet for Aldaola. The gallery is 390 metres long and a drop of 55 metres with a slope of 9 degrees.

The topics covered along route inside the cave are:

  • Water and hydrology as sculpting agents in the cave.
  • The geological formation of the cave and an appreciation of its value; subterranean river, gallery with immense stalactites.
  • The creation of the mineral universe.
  • Archaeological and palaeontological discoveries (complete skeleton of cave lion, partial skeletons and skull of a panther).