This route which stretches from the rural hamlet of Oro to the ancient parishes of Larrino and Aozaratza, is an opportunity to get to know the incomparable surroundings of Urkulu Reservoir.

The route starts at the point where the enterprise Azbe of Aretxabaleta is situated and continues in the direction of the road to Arrasate (GI-627), bending to the right at the first junction and then sloping upwards to the hamlet of Oro.

  1. Hamlet of Oro. Next to the spring near Iturralde farmhouse take the turn to the right along a dirt track until you come to another junction.  Continue straight ahead, between pine trees, following the signs until you come to a road, at which point you are in the ancient parish of Larrino.
  2. Ancient parish of Larrino. At this junction, turn left and continuing along the road you come to Telleixe farmhouse and later to the parish church of San Cristobal. Continuing along the road at the first crossing turn right past Intsusia farmhouse. A little further ahead, at the next junction, you go downhill to Urkulu reservoir, passing Zuatzu farmhouse.
  3. Urkulu Reservoir. Along the road that skirts the reservoir you deviate to the right until coming to the church of Aozaratza opposite which there is a small path that leads to Torrena farmhouse.
  4. Ancient parish of Aozaratza. Bear right and very shortly along the path you come to Otalora tower house.
  5. Otala-zelai. Continuing along the path you find a crossing and the oak grove of Otala-Zelai. Next you begin a short descent down a tarmac path that starts at Otala-Zelai farmhouse and at the next crossing go along the dirt path.  Finally, from Agarre farmhouse, along the tarmac path you descend to the motorway of Aretxabaleta and crossing the bridge you come to the starting point of the route.

Hamlet of Oro.

Outstanding in the vicinity of Aretxabaleta is the traditional architecture of Iturralde farmhouse.

Ancient Parish of Larrino.

Nestled in the upper slopes of Urkulo reservoir there are 16 farmhouses and in the centre the parish church of San Cristobal. The image of San Cristobal presides over this parish church which consists of three altars and an interesting image of the Virgen del Rosario in the sacristy.  The view over Urkulu Reservoir, Kurtzebarri, Udalatx, Hiruhaitz, Orkatzategi, Aloña, is breathtaking.

Urkulu Reservoir.

Among the ancient parishes of Aozaratza, Areantza, Korueta and Larrino and on the skirts of mounts Kurtzebarri, Orkatzategi, Ametzueta and Hiruhaitz, the landscape is delightful and very popular with sports and walking enthusiasts. Lately, it has become a natural environment of particular importance for bird life, one of the most important in Guipuzcoa.

Ancient parish of Aozaratza

Worth special mention at the entrance to Urkulu reservoir is the parish church of San Juan and Otalora tower house.  In the former you can see the chapel on the left, corresponding to the Otalora family.

Otalora tower house

This  15th century building situated in the ancient parish of Aozaratza and declared Historic Artistic Monument in 1964, retains its mediaeval character. Without doubt the coats of arms on the main façade and the structure of the windows are impressive.

Otala-zelai Oak Grove

this oak grove situated opposite Otala-Zelai farmhouse is a magnificent recreation area. The popular pilgrimage held on 12 May or the following Sunday is very well-known

Beste aukera batzuk

  • Koruetako elizatea. Santiago eliza.
  • Areantzako elizatea. Natibitate eliza.
  • Orkatzategiko eremu megalitikoa.
  • Kurtzebarri, Degurixa…