This route is used annually by the pilgrims of Arrasate every second Sunday in September when they set out first thing in the morning to reach the Sanctuary of Arantzazu by mid-morning.  At Urkulu reservoir the route coincides with that of the pilgrims from Eskoriatza and Aretxabaleta.

This route splits up from the centre of Arrasate, from Calle Cerrajera and from the old Bedoña route. Following the signs you reach Bedoña road and after crossing it you pass alongside an enterprise and then turn left.

a.- Ancient Parish of Bedoña. At this point you start the ascent to Bedoña.  There, you go right and immediately come across Uriguen farmhouse.  The parish church of Santa Eulalia is on the left.  Starting at Iturriaga farmhouse is the dirt path that takes you to Aretxabaleta, namely to the ancient parish of Larrino, before reaching the road GI-4132. Here the route joins the PR-Gi97.

b.- Ancient parish of Larrino. Following this path, we find San Cristobal parish church in Larrino. This area boasts beautiful views, the parish churches of Korueta, Aozaratza and Areantza, and the Kurtzebarri, Hiruhaitz and Orkatzategi mountains. The road takes us past the Leixalde, Intsusia and Zuatzu farmhouses, as far as the Urkulu reservoir. This spot is a crossroads for pilgrim paths from Aretxabaleta, Eskoriatza and Arrasate.

c.- Urkulu reservoir. Bordering the road that skirts the reservoir on the left and after passing the dam,  a long ascent begins with quite steep slopes .

d.-Ancient Parish of Urruxola. Amid pine groves you reach Urruxola Garai Pass.  A famous battle took place at this point in 1400 between the residents of Oñate and those of the Valley of Leniz.  A little further on, in the upper part of the hamlet of Urruxola are the farmhouses of Garaikua, Antxitena and Estañukua.  Arriving at the ancient parish of Urruxola the descent begins down cement steps which lead to Olate, although you only follow them as far as Barrenetxe farmhouse. Here you continue along the canal that starts at Jaturabe, until you reach the small powerhouse of Jaturabe. On reaching Araotz road continue the descent, bearing left after the bridge.  The route joins the PR-Gi 103 which leads to Arrikrutz Inn.

Leaving behind the farmhouses of Arrikrutz the ascent begins along Arantzazu path.  After a short climb, you reach the crossing of Kortakogain.  Along the old pathway, between Kortakogain and the farmhouses of Gesaltza until Soroandieta, and after passing Zapiarbe you reach the main Arantzazu road, just a little further on form the Zelaizabal Restaurant.  The route continues with a slight climb up the other part of the road, and immediately you can see the shrine of Santo Cristo, before reaching the Sanctuary of Arantzazu.

1. Ancient Parish of Bedoña.

Area with marvellous views of Udalaitz, Anboto and Aloña. In the centre are the parish church of Santa Eulalia with Romanesque windows and an interesting interior with a wooden vaulted ceiling.  In addition, there is a monument in memory of Juan Arana Ezpeleta, “Loramendi”, lyrical poet born in Mendibitzu farmhouse.

2. Ancient parish of Larrino.

Situated in the upper slopes of Urkulu reservoir there are 16 farmhouses and in the centre the parish church of San Cristobal,  with three altars, the centre one San Cristobal.  Worth particular mention is the image of the Virgen del Rosario, in the sacristy.  Also outstanding is the location and the landscape: Urkulu Reservoir, Kurtzebarri, Udalatx, Hiruhaitz, Orkatzategi, Aloñaa.

3. Urkulu Reservoir.

Among the ancient parishes of Aozaratza, Areantza, Korueta and Larrino and in the foothills of mounts Kurtzebarri, Orkatzategi, Ametzueta and Hiruhaitz, the setting offers picturesque landscape. It attracts many people who come to practise different sports. Lately, it has become a natural environment of particular importance for bird life, one of the most important in Guipuzcoa.

4. Ancient parish of Urruxola

There are still some remains of the spa situated in Garaikua farmhouse, dating from the middle of the  19th century to the early years of the 20th century.  Sulphurous waters pour from the fountain behind the farmhouse. The parish church of Urruxola has a wooden vaulted ceiling in addition to other images and paintings of interest.

5. Arrikrutz

Crossroads of ancient pathways, it is a haven for a group of historic farmhouses and an ancient inn.  Opening to the public in the near future in this area will be the cave of Arrikrutz.

6. Arantzazu Sanctuary

The Sanctuary of Arantzazu, the most significant spiritual centre in Guipuzcoa, is undoubtedly the most important example of contemporary art in the Basque Country.  Outstanding in the narrow image of the basilica, built by Saenz de Oiza and Laorga, is the façade of Piety and the Apostles by Jorge Oteiza,  Inside is the altarpiece by Lucio Muñoz.

PR-GI 106