The Water route is ideal to get to know Oñati and surroundings. You can appreciate many elements formed by nature and man, and you can see griffon vultures along route.  It is a park that is protected because of its abundant flora and fauna.

Along the way you can find what is believed to be the birth house of the conqueror Lope de Aguirre, as well as the shrine of San Miguel, patron saint of the town, so there is no excuse to turn back, not even if you see a dragon!


Sacks of grain would have been collected at Errotaberri mill to make various products.


From Ojo de Aitzulo you can see perfectly the surrounding pathways, hills and valleys.


Remains have been found here of about fifty people from the Copper Age in addition to those of some animals.


The shrine is on a hill from where you you have ample views.  Among others, you can see Aloñamendi.