The road between Arantzazu and Urbia is well known from the surroundings but not so well known are the treasures that are hidden along route.  In the middle of mountains and forests the countryside is spectacular both in winter and summer. The pathway also covers several periods in the history of mankind, from the prehistoric tumuli (burial mounds) to 20th century modern art.

1. Beech forest

This is the ideal route to observe the best examples of fauna and flora, especially the beech trees, in Aizkorri-Aratz park.

2. Urbia

The landscape is spectacular, from whatever angle.  On the way up to Arantzazu you go through ash trees and it is practically a must to stop and eat at the inn.

3. Malla and surroundings

The tumulus (burial mound) of Malla, amongst the trees, is the ideal place to relax and contemplate on things. This excursion should be done at a relaxed pace, with no time restrictions.

4. Huts of Duru

Sheep pen of Duru with the huts and flocks of sheep, is the ideal place to stop and observe at close hand the daily work of a shepherd.