Route of exceptional architectural and natural landscape which enables you to get to know the farmhouses scattered around the rural hamlets of Antzuola.

The route begins as you leave Antzuola towards Bergara, on the road leading to the hamlet of Uzarraga (Gi-3112) next to Etxezuri farmhouse.

a.- Hamlet of Uzarraga. Ascending along this road, passing next to Arizmendi, Iturriotz and Lausagarreta farmhouses you reach the church of San Juan.  Next to Iturriotz farmhouse you can observe the former track of the Basque railway.

b.- Hamlet of Galartza. Following the paved path past the church of San Juan, at the first crossing you turn right towards Arrasate farmhouse.  If you continue on a few metres on the left is the shrine of Santa Agueda. After emerging from the pine forest next to Arrasate farmhouse along the ancient “Eliz bide” you reach Aranguren farmhouse. This is the hamlet of Lizarraga.

c.- Hamlet of Lizarraga. Continue along the paved pathway and then the dirt path that begins at Iturbe farmhouse, situated next to the shrine of San Marcial, passing next to Akiñabei mill until you reach the tarmac road.  A little further ahead at the next crossing you turn and following a dirt path, amid pine, oak and beech forest, crossing Ogeiturri river you come to a road.  This is the hamlet of Irimoegi Goena.

d.- Hamlet of Irimoegi Goena. After 100 m. descent along the road, at the second junction you go right.  Before this junction you pass next to Kaxeta, the old Basque “Ferrocarriles Vascongados” railway station and continue along the path that passes next to Aitzaga farmhouse, to get back to the road again.  Following this road you return to the town centre of Antzuola.

1 Hamlet of Uzarraga

The parish church of San Juan Bautista constitutes the second parish church in the town. There are various opinions with regard to its origin which has even been related to the Knights Templar.  However, the oldest remains that have been found date back to the 13th and 14th centuries. The hamlet of Uzarraga comprises 18 farmhouses.

2 Hamlet of Galartza

Outstanding in this rural area made up of 17 farmhouses is the shrine of Santa Agueda, known as San Lorenzo or Sallubenta, whose feast is celebrated 5 February with the blessing of bread and seeds.

3 Hamlet of Lizarraga

In this rural hamlet, made up of 19 farmhouses, there is the shrine of San Marcial, whose feast is 30 June.  The Brotherhoods conserve a peculiar jug called “Kofradeen pitxarra” which is only used on this day.  Also in this area there are many mills.

4  Hamlet of Irimoegi Goena.

In this rural hamlet of 18 farmhouses you can distinguish two different areas; one made up of the farmhouses accessed via the town centre and another accessed via Aizpurutxo.

5  Antzuola

Worth particular mention in the town centre is the square, Baroque buildings from the 18th century, the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Piedad and the surroundings of the shrine of La Antigua.

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