This town, which enjoys great industrial activity, has an unusual centre as well as surroundings bespeckled with hamlets and ancient parishes. Located on the hillside of Kurtzebarri Mountain is the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park, which together with Urkulu reservoir form an incredible natural space.

City Centre:

  • The Arratabe and Otalora mansions
  • The old Town Hall
  • The Gateway to the Cemetery

Surrounding areas:

  • The Shrine of San Blas

Ancient Parishes:

  • Areantza: Natividad parish church
  • Aozaratza: San Juan and Casa Torre Otalora parish churches
  • Korueta: Santiago parish church
  • Larrino: San Cristobal parish church
  • Izurieta: San Pedro parish church
  • Galartza: Galartza Tower House and Santa Lucia parish church
  • Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park

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