Shortly after setting off from the bustling centre of Aretxabaleta, the route is immersed in forests, irrigation channels and valleys, where the small ancient parishes in the mountains give you a complete view of the village.

Legend, nature and history all combine on the Kurutzebarri route. The biodiversity that surrounds Urkulu is abundant and significant, given that numerous bird species stop here in the middle of Atlantic countryside.


Aretxabaleta, a very attractive village, is the nucleus where cooperatives were created. In addition, is boasts an ample range of monumental sights.


The neoclassical church of Santiago has an altarpiece dating from the same period and is well-worth seeing. The earliest references date back to 1556.

Degurixa Valley

Degurixa Valley is a karstic depression used by shepherds to protect their flocks.

Shrine of San Joan Txiki

Legend has it that a rock rolled down to the village and stopped at this point, without causing any damage.