In the castle of Aitzorrotz, between Alava and Guipuzcoa, mediaeval remains have been found in the excavations carried out there and the information gathered points to the 12th century.

It is a route that is full of history and beautiful buildings, and is worth returning to by bike as on exploring the route you can find the shrine of Dorleta, patron of cyclists.

  1. Mediaeval Quarter of Leintz Gatzaga.

The old part of Gatzaga is full of attractive buildings, outstanding being the fountain with 12 spouts, call the “Ace of Cups” and 17th century Garro mansion.

  1. Sanctuary of Dorleta

The Virgin of Dorleta is the patron saint of cyclists in the Basque Country, so it is worth doing the climb at least twice, once walking and the second time cycling.

  1. Atxorrotx

The mediaeval castle kept guard over the frontier between Arratzu-Ubarrundia and Debagoiena. At the present time you can find the shrine of Santa Cruz where there was a castle but the visit is still as beautiful as ever.

  1. Hamlet of Bolibar

There are two nuclei, Bolibar and Eraña, and in both there are ancient remains: mediaeval sarcophagi and Romanesque windows, among others.