This route consists of 6 stages and is circular.  Stages 4 and 5 pass through this region.   This is the complete route:

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Mirandaola – Arantzazu

Mirandaola, restored forge and operating for the last few years, it is a symbol of the ancient iron and steel industry.  If you have the chance, most Sundays of the year, we recommend you see the forgers at work.  Leaving Mirandaola, the focal point of another representative craft in the zone awaits you, in the Ecomuseum of Shepherding, in the hamlet of Telleriarte.  Pass the museum, going through Brinkola and skirting the Barrendiola reservoir you come to some authentic huts in Jandoain.   When you ascend to Biozkorna Pass you reach the highest point on this stage. Going down to Malla, observe the beauty of the burial mounds (tumuli) and horses grazing.  Passing by Duru hut you are in Arantzazu.

Starting point: Mirandaola

Arrival: Arantzazu:

Distance: 12 km.

Duration: 4 hours and 45 minutes

Elevation gain: +864×-566 m.

Google earth: gr-283-mirandaola-arantzazu.kml

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Arantzazu – Etxegarate

Arantzazu embodies the Basque contribution to avant-garde art of the 20th century, while also being an important centre of cultural creation.  It was the birth place of Euskara Batua (standard Basque) and is the starting point of this 5th stage. From Arantzazu you ascend to the highlands of Urbia.  The megaliths and huts in the area bear witness to the fact that it has been inhabited for a long time.  Stopping at Urbia Inn for a hot broth will renew your energy. From Olaza, you reach San Adrian Pass, historic route linking with Castile which has seen innumerable events and comings-and-goings since the Roman era and which cuts right across Aizkorri from one side to the other.   Continuing along the route, via Añabaso, you come to the border between Guipuzcoa and Alava, finally reaching Etxeagarate.

Starting point: Arantzazu:

Arrival: Etxegarate

Distance: 20.7 km.

Duration: 7 hours and 35 minutes

Elevation gain: +1199×-1218 m.

Google earth: gr-283-arantzazu-etxegarate.kml

MIDE: MIDE data_Arantzazu-Etxegarate-web.jpg