The main thoroughfare of the old town centre of Elgeta is Calle San Roque, where the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion (16th century) and the Plaza de los Montañeros are situated.

In addition to being Zuloaga’s best-loved town, the Basque-Navarrese Mountain Federation, currently the Basque Mountain Federation, was created here in 1924.

Elgeta is surrounded by fascinating landscape. The views of the Guipuzcoa and Biscay mountains seen from the Asensio rest area are spectacular.  Nearby is the summit of Intxorta Mountain, where trenches and other remains from the civil war have recently been found. Along the footpaths there are hamlets and limestone quarries, and further along the course of Aixola River is the reservoir of the same name.

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