There are two options as indicated in the description:

Arantzazu: 0 km Urbia Refuge: 5 km Araia: 16.3 km (along the forest path)

Arantzazu: 0 km Urbia Refuge: 5 km Plains of Zumarraundi: 11.5 km Araia: 17.7 km (along the forest path)

Leaving behind the Virgin of Arantzazu, follow the red and white signs out of the town.  With the Sanctuary on your right continue along the road that leads up to the last houses. Follow the signs for Urbia. Continue uphill, straight ahead.  You come to a junction of three roads, near a spring.  Take the central road (with the sign for Urbia), leaving aside the one on the left and the right.  Further ahead, after a few minutes along a wide shady track you reach Erroiti spring to the left, which marks the place where legend has it that the Virgin of Arantzazu appeared to the shepherd Rodrigo de Baltzategi.