Zumárraga: 0 km Legazpi Church: 4.3 km Telleriarte: 7.4. Brinkola: 8.7 km Reservoir: 10 km Biozkornia Pass 15.9 km Arantzazu: 19.2 km

Eager to get started, the departure point is the train station.  Looking at the façade of the building, you go right towards the road GI-3771 or Ipeñarrieta Street.  Continue along this street until you come to the end of the town.  Go under the bridge that crosses above the railway line,  always keeping parallel to the railway lines which are to your left.

You cross a bridge over the Urola River and  continue alongside the railway line.  At 1.5 km the paved route ends and you turn right 90º, going up to road GI-2630. On reaching the road, bear left heading into the town of Legazpi.  Continue along the same street, filled with factories and later on houses with gardens.  When you come to a fork in the road, take the right, along Nagusia Street and in the direction of the parish church of Legazpi.