Art and culture have bestowed Arantzazu with great recognition. This has meant that its privileged geographic location has often taken second place. On this route you can see the wealth of this environment, with wonderful open views on a route that combines nature and ancient skills and crafts.

1. Arantzazu

Arantzazu has been, for many years, a cultural benchmark and, since 2011, when the Park opened its doors it also protects the natural environment. Here you can find the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park Interpretation Centre.

2. Gomiztegi

The work of shepherds will continue in the future given that each course various students learn this skill in Gomiztegi school.

3. Coppiced beech trees

The beech trees that were cut to make carbon still survive and after years of cutting and pruning they have acquired the curious shape visible at the present time.

4. Huts of Duru

The huts of Duru are constructions prepared for the long stays of the shepherds, adapted for resting and protecting them after long hours with the flocks.