This route runs through different ancient parishes in Aretxabaleta and Eskoriatza, however, it starts and finishes in Aretxbaleta.

The route starts at Aretxabaleta on road Gi-3920 in the direction of Aramaio.  At the first junction take the Gi-3132 to the ancient parish of Izurieta.

a.- Ancient parish of Bedoña. Going uphill along this road you come to Izurieta Aurrekoa farmhouse, to the right you will find other farmhouses of the ancient parish of Izurieta; Izurieta Azpikoa, Olaberna and the parish church of San Pedro.

However, continue ascending along a paved road and after passing Ametzaga Garai farmhouse you go along a dirt track amid pine forest until you reach Naparrena farmhouse in the ancient parish of Galartza. To the right you can get a wonderful view of Mount Udalatx and the hamlets of Udala and Arrasate.

b.- Ancient parish of Galartza. At this point you take the Gi-3133 passing alongside the farmhouses Alkurrena and Etxezuri, until you reach Tauleruena Txiki farmhouse. Here at the crossing you bear right and after passing a few farmhouses continue until you reach the elegant silhouette of the ancient parish of Gellao, returning to the Gi-3920.  If you don’t bear right at this crossing you come to the parish church and tower house of Galartza.

c.- Ancient parish of Gellao. Continue along the Gi-3920 and at the first crossing turn left. Immediately you come to Etxabe farmhouse and continuing along this road the ancient parish of Apotzaga de Eskoriatza. Along this stretch you get beautiful views of Untxilla hamlet in Aramaio.

d.- Ancient parish of Apotzaga. After passing behind the parish church of San Miguel you come to the well-known circular cemetery. Here is the start of the route that takes you back to Aretxabaleta. Starting out on the dirt path you come to the shrine of San Bernabe and, after a slight descent, to the road that leads to the farmhouses in the hamlet Apotzaga – Etxeberri. In the vicinity if the shrine of San Blas and Sailuente.

On descending you pass next to Antxustei farmhouse until you reach the final point in the route, at Aretxabaleta Sports Centre.

Ancient parish of Izurieta

In the ancient parish nearest the town centre of Aretxabaleta, the parish church of San Pedro preserves some  Romanesque features. Outstanding among the ten farmhouses that make up the ancient parish is Izurieta Azpikoa farmhouse.  They celebrate their festivals on 29 June.

Ancient parish of Galartza

At the skirts of Mount Murugain, the tower house of Galartza is situated next to the parish church of Santa Lucia.  This 14th century building, carved into the rock has undergone many changes since the war as well as different uses. The various uses of this Galartza house-site are reflected in its structure, having gone progressively from being fortress to a farmhouse.  The Galartza constituted one of the most important families in the Valley of Leniz at the end of the Middle Ages.

In 1999 the Town Council of Aretxabaleta carried out work on the reconstruction of the building.

Ancient parish of Gellao

Outstanding in this ancient parish of Eskoriatza in the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion, is its Romanesque portal.  Furthermore, on the road to Aramaio is the shire of San Antonio de Padua whose first references date back to 1653. You get there by road from Aretxabaleta, even though it is only 3 km. from the ancient parish of Apotzaga in Eskoriatza.

Ancient parish of Apotzaga.

Of special interest is the circular cemetery of Apotzaga, declared Historic Monument by Eusko Jaurlaritza, situated next to the parish church of San Miguel having abundant Romanesque and Gothic remains.  In the vicinity is the shrine of San Bernabe. On the other hand, there are the marvellous view of Kurtzebarri, Anboto and Udalatx.