A classic itinerary that offers panoramic views of the town of Oñati. Starting in the historic quarter it takes you through the more rural hamlets, disclosing abundant natural and ethnographic treasures.

This walk has been configured taking as particular milestones the mineral sources that mark the territory of Arechavaleta and that conferred it the denomination of spa city.

  1. Sulphurous fountain of Otalora Spa: to be found beside the outpatients’ centre, next to the Deba River. It represents one of the vestiges of the spa. At the present time, however, water does not spout from here. The route is indicated with white and green marks.
  2. Sulphurous fountain of Ibarra: situated 1 kilometre from the previous fountain, following the cycling lane in the direction of Eskoriztza. This cycling lane gets left behind at the intersection of the entrance to Urkulu. Beside it is the sulphurous fountain in memory of Ibarra Baths. These waters were used as a remedy for various ailments and are still highly valued today.
  3. Washing trough of the Spa: a few metres from the start of the cycling lane you have to cross the river and continue between pavilions, taking the track on the right. Twenty metres along, on the right, you can find the old washing trough, one of the last remains of Ibarra spa.
  4. Iturriondo Park: the ascent along a sandy path takes us to the information panel. You enter the small wood comprising different species. At the exit, a magnificent view opens up of mounts Kurtzebarri, Iruatxeta, Orkatzategi and Amezkueta. Halfway along the path you come across a stone trough.
  5. Ancient parish of Mendiola: at the end of the sandy path, continue along the road that leads to the Bolinaga hamlet in Areantza. Four hundred metres ahead, on the same side as Arantzasarri farmhouse, you go up the track to the right, through the gate, up to the ancient parish. On both sides of the track you will get wonderful views. Continuing along the path you come to Olabena farmhouse.
  6. Mendiola fountain: continuing along the road you come to the church of San Juan Bautista. In front of Elixakoa farmhouse you will find the fountain of various minerals. To the right is the cemetery of the ancient parish.
  7. Areantza Forest: you leave road to climb up through the meadows to Mandobide. Here you take the path to the left and gradually enter the forest.
  8. Altziniturri, sulphurous fountain: 400 metres ahead you leave Mandobide to descend down a forest path. At the intersection, 1.5 kilometres away, you go straight ahead until you come across a wooden fence. Cross the fence and on the other side of the stream you will find Areantza fountain. Although the waters have not been analysed, the smell and taste are a give-away.
  9. Ancient road of Areantza: leaving Altziniturri you go downhill passing Intxaurbe farmhouse. On the left you will find Iturrikorroma fountain, however our route bears right until you reach the church of the Nativity and the Bell Ringers School. On the right 150 metres ahead you take the old path to Matxiniturri fountain.
  10. Areantza Stable: from here, bearing right, you descend down the cycling lane to the spa. Four hundred metres ahead you go up the sandy path that takes you to the road to Areantza. The meadows and small woods, typical of highland countryside, are the home to abundant livestock.
  11. Bolinaga Hamlet: can be reached by going down the road to Areantza. Bolinagako Errota farmhouse is worth special mention where you can still see the mill’s water channel and next to it, the stone trough. Continuing along the road, and following the same stretch, we arrive back at the start.