1. Oñati. In the middle of the old quarter, in San Anton Square, you head down the cobbled street of San Anton. From here you can see the outline of the roofs of the old quarter and outstanding among them is the parish church of San Miguel and Sancti Spiritus University. Looking upwards you can see Zumeltzegi Tower.
  2. Zumeltzegi Tower. On passing the tower and heading right, you continue uphill, little by little along a concrete path. Just before reaching Torretxebarri farmhouse turn right and after entering a pine wood you descend to Errekalde farmhouse.
  3. Larraña Hamlet. Once you cross the bridge over Arranozitz stream, you resume the uphill climb at Errekalde farmhouse to Urubil and shortly after follow the route that leads to Elordui farmhouse.
    Very near Elordui farmhouse you bear right in the direction of Obiaga. Until very recently this was the best section of the route; it preserved perfectly the drainage channels. Leaving behind Obiaga farmhouse you descend to the crossing of Larraingain.
    Passing the well-known gastronomic society to the left you head downhill to Leibar farmhouse. From here, continuing left, you go down to the cluster of farmhouses that in former times made up the nucleus of Orueta; currently comprising the farmhouses Pullangua, Zeziñena and Erbiña.
    Just above the educational complex of Mondragon University and Larraña College you head left again as far as the stream Ikorostondo or Korta.
  4. Olabarrieta Hamlet. On reaching the shed situated a bit further uphill, you take the path to the right, follow the track across an extensive meadow and next to Irubieta farmhouse you head along the track that leads to Olabarrieta hamlet.
    Descending down a paved road you come to another locality in Olabarrieta, namely Olazaran. After the junction you go uphill to a group of houses and after passing the shrine of San Jose you go down to the ancient royal route, right beside Ugarte bridge. Going up the banks of the Olaran river you pass under Arrazola Azpikua bridge to come to the main road that leads to Legazpi (Gi-2630). On crossing the road you come to Aiastui farmhouse.
  5. Murgía hamlet. Heading uphill for a short section along the track you come to Murgia hamlet. After passing through farmhouses, namely Maala Korostola, Arretxe, Bixain, you come to the shrine of the Ascension. Along the old “elizbide” or route of the cemetery, passing Jargikua farmhouse you come to the farmhouses of Murgialdai and then to the oak grove of San Martin. After crossing the remains of the ancient via crucis you come to the shrine of San Martin. On leaving the oak grove, you go downhill to the old bridge of Murgiazubieta and to the centre of Oñate.