The green route of the Vasco-Navarro railway skirts the whole town of Arraste. You can still find the old train stop beside Debagoiena hospital.

Following the road, you pass next to the shrine of San Isidro and further on you pass in front of Eroski supermarket and then leave Arrasate behind.

From here on the path goes between the river and the road. You pass Ekilore and immediately come to the tunnel that takes you to the hamlet San Prudentzio of Bergara.

Go under the road and here you will find the junction to go to Bergara or Oñati.

If you go to Bergara, go through the car-park of the company Tabesa and continue the path along the river until you come to Altos Hornos.

Here the path continues into Bergara and you can see the square, school, sports centre and in the hamlet Mekolalde the path joins the one that comes from Antzuola. Then you continue amid trees and business premises to the hamlet Oxintxu.