Starting point and finish: Sanctuary of Arantzazu This route joins the Sanctuary of Arantzazu with the shepherds’ school situated in the farmhouse of Gomiztegi, property of the Franciscans of the temple.  This path is 1,865 metres long, accessible to everyone, for all ages and with any mobility impairment.

  1. Shrine of Santo Cristo Situated above the building Gandiaga Topagunea, which you can get to from the parking square in Arantzazu. An information panel next to the shrine indicates the starting point and the pathway is easy to recognise as most of the route is marked.
  2. Farmhouse Peñakulo Attached to the rock this farmhouse was built in 1860. At the present time it is used as a sheep pen.
  3. Arantzazu lookout point First point set up for resting and enjoying the landscape.  Facing the mountain range Urkilla and Elgea crowned by wind towers.
  4. The forest. A few metres later you leave the open countryside behind and enter forest area.  Coppiced beech trees, situated along the path, are the footprint left by our forefathers, the colliers.
  5. Pastures of Gomiztegi. 200 metres after leaving the forest the path branches out. Continue along the pathway bearing left.  This expansive fine green prairie on both sides of the road constitutes the basic sustenance of the flocks of Latxa sheep of the Gomiztegi farmhouse: sheep from which we get the excellent Idiazabal cheese.

School of shepherds. Pioneering project initiated in the 1990’s in which the parallel development of the profession and training constitutes one of the keys for the future evolution of the life of Basque shepherds.