The origins of Atzuola cannot be understood without mentioning Uzarraga – a parish located two kilometres away – which is said to be among the nine most ancient parishes in Gipuzkoa.

The history of Antzuola, the actual urban centre, starts with Olalde, (meeting point for all craft activities, one of which still exists today, namely, tanning and needlework products) and with the nearby hospital dedicated to Magdalena (1489).These origins are also related to the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Piedad (1525).

Outstanding is the square where there are many examples of Basque baroque art. The town hall, designed by the great Guipuzcoa architect Martin de Carrera, is located here. The village coat of arms can be admired on the same building: one of the quadrants of the shield shows the crescents that according to tradition were taken from the Arabs in the battle of Valdejunquera, a battle that is celebrated during the Alarde village festivals, the third week of July

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