This route goes through the mountainous chain that divides the Deba and Urola valleys and enables you to visit the interesting magalithic site of Elosua-Plasentzia.  From Bergara you take the road towards the hamlets of Elosu (GI-3750) to Gorla Height.  The route starts next to the second tavern on the right side of the road.  Cross the road and along the dirt trail parallel to the road, after a brief rise, you descend to a gentle esplanade to the shrine of Santutxu.

a.- Santutxu. Here is the start of the route which, passing through Elosumendi and Pol-Pol, takes you to Irukurutzeta. Continue along this route and after passing Labeaga farmhouse on the right you come to a tarmac road.

b.- Dolmen of Agerreburu. Before reaching the highest part, to the left of the road, next to the summit of mount Sorusitza, you will find the dolmen of Agerreburu.

c.- Burial mound of Maurketa. Back on the road again and after descending about 30 metres you deviate to the left and will see a path. This path continues along the left of the mountain dividing line.  After a slight descent, you reach the park denominated “Frantses baso”, and nestled between larches you can find the burial mound Maurketa.

d.- Dolmen of Keixetako-Egia South. Leaving the burial mound behind and continuing along the path you head towards the huts, leaving another to your right; on the NW face of mount Leiopago, about 400 metres from the summit is the dolmen of Keixetako-Egia South and at 100 metres to the north is the dolmen of Keixetako-Egia North.

e.- Pol-pol spring. Returning to the path and descending,  you come to a hillock diverting you to the left and 300 metres away is the spring built by the mountain climbing group Pol-pol.  Climbing you reach the dolmen Irukurutzeta.

f.- Irukurutzeta. Heading west along the path that leads to Karakate  about 500 metres away is another megalithic construction: kurtzebakar. About 200 metres in a SW direction you can see the dolmen of Aizpuruko-Zabala.

After completing about half the route, the return to the starting point is along the track that goes along the division between the towns of Bergara and Sorahuze, until reaching a plain.  From here you continue along the N-E track until you reach a path suitable for all vehicles and return to part of the route that you did earlier.  Finally, continue to the tavern, the starting point.

1 Gorla

Magnificent setting for all the family to enjoy nature, with the recreational areas of Iturriberri and Askaburu.

2 Dolmen of Agerreburu.

This dolmen is situated some 100 metres to the north, NW from the television antenna.  In the crater opened for this excavation by Aranzadi, Barandiaran and Eguren you can see two stone slabs of the chamber.

In the excavation done in 1921 human remains and ceramic pieces were gathered with which it was possible to put together the shape of an ovoid pot.  In addition, a polished stone axe was found.

3 Burial mound of Maurketa.

79 metres from the huts in a SW direction. Among the materials located were an asymmetrical trapezoid and two necklace beads of black stone.

4 Dolmen of Irukurutzeta.

In this dolmen, plundered before being investigated, researchers discovered three stone slaps of the chamber and another, for the cover.  Among the materials located were pieces of ceramic, a small axe of polished stone and an arrow head with stem and side fins.

5 Pol-pol spring

Small resting area with fountains and tables.  This is the source of the Pol-pol river, until a few years ago the main source of water supply for Bergara.

6 Dolmen of Irukurutzeta.

At 70 metres NW of the summit of mount Irukurutzeta, at the time of excavation only one slab stone of the chamber was in tact.  Currently, the first Sunday in May, a popular pilgrimage is celebrate which formerly had religious significance.  An old man from Lezarrisoro with a cross in the ribbon of his cap climbed to the summit with the rest of the people.