Following the route from the Basque Interpretation Centre for the Historic Memory, visitors will come across trenches and refuges from the civil war from 1936 and 1937, as well as learning more details of the battlefront situated on the Intxorta mountainside.

The starting point is the Basque Interpretation Centre for Historic Memory. From the Elgeta town centre the tour will continue towards the area of Asentzio, to the monument of Intxortako Atea and up to the point known as “la belga”. The visit will end at the Salvador shrine, opposite the final information panel.

Duration: approximately 3 and a half hours.

 Distance: 5 km

 Route information:

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Guided visits:

Guided visits (always by advance booking) on the first (Basque) and the last Sunday (bilingual) of each month.

For more information and advance bookings please phone 943 79 64 63