Chestnut trees and beech trees shape the landscape of this route at the start of the Deba River to the source located at Hiruerreketa.

You start from Leintz-Gatzaga in the direction of the Sanctuary of Dorleta, leaving the Salt Museum and Dorlas farmhouse to the left.

Deba River. At the first bend there is a slight ascent along a small path amidst lush vegetation, bordering the initial course of the Deba River.  At the end of this path you link up with a dirt track that leads to the old Basque-Navarrese railway track.

Basque-Navarrese Railway. At this point the route joins the GR-121, back in Guipuzcoa you go left and along the old railway track you arrive at the road GI-627.

Hiruerreketa. After crossing the road and climbing over a fence, following the signs you head into a dirt path that ascends amid pine, oak and beech forest until coming to the vicinity of Hiruerreketa, the source of the Deba River.  To the right, in a beech forest you can see some small streams.  If you continue upwards you come to Elgeamendi peak.

Hamlet of Olaun Following the same path, to the left, amid abundant vegetation you come to the farmhouses of the Olaun hamlet. First is the Dominaga farmhouse, next to the recreation area of Itxurritxueta, and from here this is a paved road that passes the farmhouse of San Juanzar to Nordebisi farmhouse, situated opposite the “humilladero” (boundary cross) of the Virgin of Dorleta, patron of cyclists. You are back again on road GI-627. Continue along the pavement bearing right until you reach a sign that indicates the continuation of the route.

 Sanctuary of Dorleta Here, you start the descent along a path that takes you to the vicinity of the Sanctuary of Dorleta. You return by road to the start of the route.

In this small town, the attractive town centre is testimony to a splendid past. Emerging in the Middle Ages due to economic interest in salt, it preserves features of the mediaeval quarter with five of the seven entrance gateways and part of the wall.

Salt museum

In this museum it is possible to get to know the history of the salt producers, in the very spot where it was obtained, thanks to the conservation and reconstruction work on some of the more significant elements.

Deba River

The source of the Deba River is situated in the foothills of Elgeamendi in Hiruerreketa.

Basque-Navarrese Railway

A stretch of 5 km. of this ancient railway goes through Leintz-Gatzaga from the hamlet of Goierri to Landa, a route that has been completely restored as a walking and cycling tourism route.

Hamlet of Olaun

This hamlet is made up of the farmhouses situated alongside road GI-627.

Sanctuary of Dorleta

The Sanctuary of Santa Maria of Dorleta stemmed from the castle built as a lookout post and defence of the life and economy based on the salt springs.

Patron of cyclists and ancient inn on the Road to Santiago.

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