This route shows an interesting perspective of Oñati valley. Starting from the town centre you come to the cluster of farmhouses of Garagaltza via some of the oldest pathways and tracks that still exist around the hamlet.

  1. Boundary cross of Angel de la Guarda. The route begins at the end of Calle San Juan, next to the farmhouse of Etxebarrialde.  It is here where, in the past, the roadway from Oñati to Leintz-Gatzaga started, and this is the roadway you take on part of the route.
  2. Shrine of San Juan. You go round the roundabout behind Etxebarrialde farmhouse and across the bridge over the motorway, heading upwards to the left.  Some metres further on you take the path on the right and you reach the shrine of San Juan.
  3. Kurpide. Take the path next to the shrine as far as Gaztelondo farmhouses and a bit further ahead you will see the ancient roadway that takes you to Kurpide farmhouse. The new convent of Santa Ana and Okumardi farmhouse are a little off the track.
  4. Kamamuiño Farmhouse. Continue ahead and on the pathway joining from the left you will see some steps, and a bit further ahead the path climbs upwards through a pine forest but it is worth the effort to see the view from Kamamuiño farmhouse.
  5. Eguzkitza River. Continuing on you pass near Iruatz farmhouse until you reach Eguzkitza river. There is a ford where you can pass but need to be careful if the water level is high.  Further ahead there is another low water crossing for vehicles and a small bridge for pedestrians.  There are only two fords like this is Guipuzcoa. You cross the bridge and at the next junction take the left along the river until you come to the main river,  Artixa. The path from here is paved and immediately you arrive at Lamiategi.
  6. Usako Dam. Bear right and before going uphill,  head for the river again and along the embankment you come out above Usako dam.  Then you continue along the cement path that joins from above and heading upwards you arrive at the surroundings of 18th century Urrutxu farmhouse and on to the path we left at Zuazola.
  7. Cemetery. This is the end of the route. A little further ahead you can find the cemetery of Oñate. A few metres from here you find yourself back at Etxebarrialde farmhouse, where the route started.

Shrine of San Juan in Garagaltza hamlet

Although not a particularly high point, from here you can see all the villages in Oñate valley and a large number of farmhouse hamlets.

Eguzkitza River Ford

To pass Eguzkitza river there are various fords and small bridges, but the most interesting is the one you can see between Iruatz and Errotatxo; the road goes through the water but for pedestrians or wayfarers there is a small bridge. Next to it, there is another on the Korta river in Larraña hamlet and it would seem these are the only two of their kind in all Guipuzcoa.


Oñati cemetery is especially interesting as you can find impressive constructions, the entrance and main chapel in neoclassical style and a cross with the oldest Basque inscriptions to be found in Oñati, which can be found on a cross near the centre of the cemetery.


Here you will find numerous aspects of interest: a bridge that operated from 1488 until just a few years ago, which seems to have had three water jumps and that still conserves the machinery that was used, namely mill stones, etc. also worth seeing is the bridge over the Artixa river as well as the rocks and bore holes under the bridge.