• Avocado
  • Multicolour lettuce
  • Bean sprouts
  • Roasted pistachios
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Half a dozen mussels
  • 200 g  monkfish medallions
  • Half a dozen prawn tails
  • Cruzcampo Gran Reserva beer

Place the multicolour lettuce on an oval dish leaving the centre clear to decorate with the beansprouts, cherry tomatoes and avocados. Season with tomato vinaigrette.

In a very hot frying pan sauté the monkfish and the mussels. Flame for two minutes, remove and place very gently in the centre of the dish.

Pour a generous amount of Cruzcampo Gran Reserva beer in the frying pan and reduce at high heat. Pour the remaining liquid over the salad all around the dish. Finally, sprinkle with the roasted pistachio.