Arrasate has conserved traces of its Mediaeval past to the present time, particularly in terms of its structure. The elliptical shape of the old quarter and a section of the wall in Zerkaostieta Street can still be observed. The layout of the town consists of three longitudinal thoroughfares: Iturriotz, Erdiko Kale and Ferrerias.

There are only 3 access gateways remaining in the village: Zurgin Kantoi, which is the most ancient, the gateway in Calle Iturriotz and Erdiko. The latter is located at the start of the street of the same name and was considered the most important because the Camino Real ran through it.

The size of the church of San Juan Bautista is a pleasant surprise to the visitor. This church was designed in the Gothic style and can be found in the historic quarter. The highlights are the buttresses, gargoyles and pointed arches. The interior soars 17 metres in height and the ribbed vault is decorated with voussoirs displaying medieval, heraldic and floral motifs.