Solanum Lycopersicum L.

(Also known as “morado” or “borracho” from Aretxabaleta.

This tomato belongs to the Rosa type. It is creamy, has few seeds, is brightly coloured, large and flavoursome.

As regards the conservation of the seed, is has existed for 50 years. It is said that a nun brought this tomato to Aramaio and from there its use was spread to the surrounding farmhouses.

Today, this tomato is grown in a number of towns in Guipuzcoa, Aretxabaleta being one of them. The production is small: families, organic farmers or retired persons who want to preserve the traditional species. Given its organoleptic qualities, it was decided 10 years ago to store the seed of the “morado” variety from Aretxabaleta in the germoplasm bank in Zaragoza.