Between the 14th and the 17th century, Eskoriatza was one of the ancient parishes forming part of the Valley of Leniz, along with 16 others. This large number of parishes made their management difficult, and it was for this reason that in 1630 they were grouped into two districts: Aretxabaleta and Eskoriatza.

The district of Eskoriatza is divided into 7 ancient parishes or rural hamlets of huge ethnographic, historic, artistic and natural interest. They include churches that retain their original wooden vaulted ceiling, such as the churches of Santa Lucia of Marin, San Miguel of Bolibar, and Santa Maria de la Asuncion in Mazmela. In Zarimutz, the parish church of San Pedro with its medieval features is quite exceptional.

Apotzaga offers unsurpassable panoramic views and the possibility to visit a circular cemetery that recaptures the tradition of the stelas of the ancient Basque cemeteries.

The inspiring scenery from the church of San Bautista in Mendiola is truly impressive.  The shrine of San Andres de Lete is nearby, with 2 medieval sarcophagi displayed on the outside.

Two kilometres from Aretxabaleta town centre is Gellao, where the church of Nuestra Señora de la Ascencion still retains the Romanesque origins at its entrance.