Uzarraga, one of the most ancient parishes in Guipuzcoa, is certainly a must for visitors.

The first mention of the church of San Juan de Uzarraga dates back to 1305, however, the oldest remains, going as far back as the 13th century, still exist. The dedication of the church to San Juan has been associated with its founding by the Knight Templars and it is for that reason that the most illustrious lords of the Leniz Valley chose to be buried in its cemetery.

The interior contains an altarpiece from the 17th century by Jeronimo de Larrea, an artist from Antxieta School, as well as an ivory crucifix from the same period.

The surroundings of this ancient parish offer the opportunity to enjoy inspiring landscape.  The rural roads lead to old quarries, to the shrine of Santa Agueda and to emblazoned farmhouses such as Urrutia