Visiting Leintz Gatzaga is like going back several centuries in time. It is one of the few towns in Guipuzcoa that fully retains the confined and enclosed quality of the Middle Ages in its layout.

Its plan consists of a main longitudinal thoroughfare, the Calle de San Ignacio, and three other longitudinal streets. Sauntering around gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy 5 of the 7 original gateways of the wall.

To discover some of the most picturesque nooks in the village, you are recommended to visit the Rosario and the San Ignacio gateways, the latter bearing the emblem of Castile.

Some distance from the centre is the Sanctuary of the Virgin de Dorleta, patron saint of all cyclists.  Even though the actual building dates back to the 17th century, the enclave has long witnessed the passage of pilgrims to Santiago. The image of the Virgin is carved in Gothic style.