The Count of Oñati was master of Leintz Gatzaga until 1494, and from that date there was a new period of peace and freedom, when the great families of the area built manor houses and mansions.

A good example of this is Elexalde House, next to the gateway of San Ignacio, which belongs to one of the most ancient families of Leintz Gatzaga. It was constructed in the 16th century on the site of the castle of the Count of Oñati with a façade that cannot go unnoticed. Although simple, this is also an extremely beautiful building because it integrates Plateresque elements in its decoration. The entrance is through a semi-circular arch with voussoirs decorated with rosettes, flanked by columns on plinths, with a large conch carved in stone on the upper section. The first floor balcony is finished with a classical pediment enclosing the family coat of arms.