Homemade bakery and confectionery, elaborates and sells “rellenos” sweet made from egg yolk) and “tostones” (sweet made from egg white and almonds) of Bergara, cookies and pastries.

GOTXOTEGIA, founded in 1840 in their present premises, was originally managed by Felix Aranzadi and Valentina Unamuno, who manufactured the cakes known as “Bergarako errellenoak”.

In 1870, Doroteo Unzurrunzaga Egia took over the business and premises, and ran it until 1905.

In 1905 the business was transferred to Manuel LARRAÑAGA’s family and today it continues to be run by the fourth generation.

Having once been a chandlery and then a coffee shop, it is currently a bakery.

Telesforo Aranzadi y Unamuno was born in this house on 4 February 1860.