The festivities start on the Thursday and end on the third Sunday in July. The most important activity in the celebrations is the Alarde del Moro, which takes place on the Saturday afternoon. Following the Alarde, the Dantzaris of the town perform their dances.

The battle with Abd al-Rahman III that took place on 26 July 920 is celebrated during the Alarde del Moro, in which, according to tradition, a local group from Antzuola took part.

As part of the festival, among many other features, there is a lot to grab your attention: the music, the flag, the speech made by the warlord and the verses sung together with the speech.


This feast falls on 15 May, but it is celebrated on the Saturday of that same week.   Until not so long ago, a cattle and agricultural machinery show was held, however, nowadays local food and craftwork stands are erected instead.

On Carnival Sunday the Sorgin dantza is performed. Also, characters such as a bear, an animal tamer and a monkey make their appearance.  The carnival tradition is renowned in Antzuola and this can be confirmed by conversing with the old men of the town who cannot remember when they saw the “Sorgin dantza” for the first time. It is known that it was danced in 1922, however, the first reference to it dates from 1885.

At that time, people went out to the surrounding hamlets to ask for money and food on the morning of Carnival. At lunchtime they returned to the town to eat and continue celebrating during the afternoon.