Moving away from the urban centre of Eskoriatza in the direction of Leintz Gatzaga there is a building from the 17th century, the Hospital del Santisimo Rosario.

In 1587, Juan de Mondragon y Azcarretazabal, born in Eskoriatza but resident in Peru, named his son, Pedro de Mondragon, in his last will and testament as his sole heir, and entrusted him to use part of his assets for the construction of a hospital in Eskoriatza “if at all possible, otherwise somewhere else in the region”.

Work started in 1603 but the hospital was destroyed in 1624 by a huge fire, which left only the walls. It was then reconstructed under the master mason Juan de Aguiriano and was fully operational again in 1660.

After many vicissitudes, the hospital became the property of the Community of San Viator, which converted it into a seminary-college and later, in 1998, it was bought by the Mondragon University to house the faculty of humanities and education.

The Parish Church of San Pedro was built between 1755 and 1768 by two of the master architects of the period: Martin Carrera, who also created the Mondragon Town Hall around the same time and Ibero, responsible for designing the Sanctuary of Loyola.


The square of Fernando Eskoriatza is where the Town Hall is situated. This Neoclassical construction follows the same plan as other council buildings in the area: a portico consisting of three arches and a first floor with a balcony. The coat of arms is placed along the line of the eaves and gives it an individual character.