Fair of San Isidro

This takes place in May

Livestock and local homemade products.

Exhibition of agricultural equipment and handicrafts.


Fair of San Miguel

Celebrated the last Saturday of September

Exhibition and sale of organic agricultural products.


Fair of San Tomas

Celebrated on 22 December

Regional cattle fair. Exhibition and competition of cheeses and other farmhouse produce. Exhibition of fowl. Exhibition and sale of agricultural produce and handicrafts.

Country-women’s fair

This takes place in March


Lazarus Saturday Fair

Cattle exhibition and points of sale of agricultural produce. Scarecrow competition.

San Martin Fair

Takes place on the Saturday before the day of San Martin (16 September)

Exhibition and sale of agricultural produce.

Fair of mountain cattle

The fair of mountain cattle is celebrated on 12 October in the hamlet of Elosu. Cattle owners from across Guipuzcoa take part in this event. Cattle, sheep, horse and goat contests are organised.


Cattle and agricultural fair

Takes place on the Sunday following the day of San Pedro

Exhibition and sale of cattle, local agricultural produce, as well as machinery and equipment associated with agriculture and crafts.


Agricultural and crafts fair

Takes place during the first weekend of June

Exhibition of products, food, handicrafts and animals. Competitions of scarecrows and cheese.

Leintz Gatzaga

Fair of San Milixan

This is celebrated on the Sunday closest to the day of San Milixan (12 November). There is an exhibition of handicrafts – manufacture and sale.


Fair of “Herri Eguna”

Takes place on the first Saturday of October

A local cattle show. There is a sheep, ram and lamb competition. Exhibition of donkeys, horses, Basque pigs known as Euskal txerri, chickens and handicraft. Cider tasting