The charm of Arrasate is the beauty of its historical buildings.  The Bañez de Artazubiaga mansion, situated in Calle Iturriotz, retains the main façade of the original building. Many classical elements can be seen here, such as the graceful columns and finely carved entablatures which lend great elegance to the entrance. It is equally important to highlight the coat of arms decorating the balcony of the first floor, a reminder of the burning of the family’s tower house.

Without a doubt, house number 3 on Calle Biteri, the birthplace of the court chronicler Esteban de Garibay, is one of the most ancient in Arrasate; the house maintains a classical decorative style with slender columns on the balcony.

Following the theme of Renaissance features, it is worth mentioning two other buildings. The façade of Olabe Mansion, situated at number 54 of Erdiko Kale, retains two ashlar stonework entrances decorated with a knotted cordon motif typical of the period. Another example is a house, located behind the Zaldibar fronton or Basque pelota court, also decorated with the same features