In 1950 the Franciscans of Arantzazu bought Gomiztegi, a farmhouse situated about 3 kilometres from the Sanctuary, located in Aizkorri Natural Park.  At the beginning the number of heads of cattle was limited but over time considerable plots of land have been given over to sheep rearing.

About 26 years ago a flock was formed in the farmhouse and a hand crafted cheese dairy was set up.  Respect for environmental regulations and dedication in looking after the flock have contributed to the awards received on various occasions for the best flock of “latxa” sheep in the Basque Country.

School of Shepherds
Consequently, in 1997 Artzain Eskola (School of Shepherds) was set up under the auspices of the Basque Government. Each year the Artzain Eskola course is organised to train and educate new shepherds as well as offering courses for professional shepherds as part of the training given by ITSASMENDIKOI, Comprehensive Centre for Training, Promotion and Rural and Coastal Development of the Basque Country.

In Gomiztegi farmhouse, in Arantzazu, it is possible to do various guided tours to get to know the Basque shepherding world at close hand.

Route 1: The Basque Farmhouse
Complete visit of Gomiztegi farmhouse to get to know the origins and workings of the farmhouse. Duration: 45 minutes

Route 2: Basque Cheese
Workshop for the preparation of dairy products from Gomiztegi and experimenting in the preparation of curds.  Duration: 2 hours

Route 3: The Basque Shepherd
Excursion to the sheep pen and meadows of Duru. Duration: 4 hours

In addition: cheese tasting
On this visit you will get to taste 5 different cheeses made in Gomiztegi.