Following Saint Ignatius of Loyola, visitors can follow the route between Loyola and Arantzazu, going past La Antigua on GR-120, The Three Temple Route. This is the beginning of the Ignatian Trail, which the Saint began in 1522, on a pilgrimage that took him to Manresa.

This route takes you through beautiful surroundings and areas in the regions of Urola Erdia, Urola Garaia and Debagoiena, linking three of their most important monuments: the Santuario de Loyola (Loyola Sanctuary) in Azpeitia, the Ermita de la Antigua (La Antigua Hermitage) in Zumarraga and the Santuario de Arantzazu (Arantzazu Sanctuary) in Oñati.

The 45 km trail begins in Azpeitia, at the monumental grounds of the Loyola Sanctuary, at the foot of the Izarraitz mountain range, and takes you through the Igarate and Pagotxeta saddles to the La Antigua Hermitage in Zumarraga. After this, the trail goes into Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park, through grazing meadows and idyllic landscapes, to culmitate at Arantzazu Sanctuary in Oñati.

We must add, to the variety of the landscape and the unquestionable historical, artistic and cultural value of the Three Temples, their essential spiritual and emotional value. We must not forget the amount of pilgrims that approach the Three Temples every year.


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